Hearing Loss in Children

Child Hearing Loss Statistics

Hearing problems in children are very common

If your child does have a hearing problem. You are not alone. Hearing loss is more common than you may think.

Common issues for children with hearing loss

Regardless of culture, children around the world with untreated hearing loss tend to experience:

  • problems with speech development, language, and communication skills
    (especially if severe hearing loss occurs at birth or before speech and language is acquired)
  • emotional difficulties and low self-esteem
  • learning and behaviour problems in school

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Benefits of hearing loss treatment

Children who have their hearing loss treated, enjoy many life benefits including:

  • closer relationships with their family and friends
  • better feelings about themselves and higher self-esteem
  • improved mental health, greater self-confidence, independence, and security
  • learning skills equal to children with normal hearing

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